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To provide active leadership in the development, delivery, and preservation of educational and historic information regarding the Upper Midwest, especially Illinois and Chicago during the Civil War.



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The Story of Camp Douglas, Chicago’s Forgotten Civil War Prison, by David L. Keller, published by History Press, was written from the 19th Century mind-set  and 20/20 hind site. Camp life is told through the diaries, journals, and letters of prisoners from the camp.

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Culver’s begins construction in Lake Meadows Shopping Center. The location is on or near the Camp Douglas smallpox burial grounds.  For information see: http://wgnradio.com/2017/05/12/culvers-being-built-on-smallpox-cemetery-used-in-civil-war-historians-say/

Join us now in our efforts to have a foot print of the camp listed on the National Register of Historic places. Sign our petition below.