From its beginnings as a training camp that housed and trained more than 40,000 Union troops, including some of the first African American Union Soldiers, to its legacy as a POW camp housing more than 30,000 total Confederate prisoners during its time, Camp Douglas was the largest and longest operating military camp in the Chicago area and was the main presence of the Civil War in Chicago.


The Camp Douglas Restoration Foundation and DePaul University have conducted seven archaeological investigations on the area of Camp Douglas between 2012 and 2016 and have found significant Civil War Military artifacts from and evidence of the camp, which was the largest military installation in Illinois during the Civil War.


There is a unique opportunity to both add to the economic and historic vitality of the Bronzeville area, and ensure a lasting tribute to those who served or were prisoners in Camp Douglas, as well as a celebrate of the contribution of African Americans in the Civil War.



Drawing of Camp Douglas